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Expert Service and Quality

During his business life, most people are constantly forced to travel. These travels are usually carried out by airline companies in order to reach the destination as soon as possible. The troubles experienced in traveling also take place in our lives as a bad moment. Some of them result in fatal accidents, some of which result in non-fatal accidents.

Survive against all these adverse conditions experienced in aviation lawyers Turkey and is guaranteed. As aviation lawyers for those who want the right to seek through law no longer the case in Turkey, it has been replaced. Eagle Law Firm is not only right next to the end of the case until the end of the case to develop in your favor aviation solicitor turkey is always with you. He is conducting many studies such as consultancy on behalf of you in case of claims for litigation and reconciliation with other party in cases.

What are the services of Kartal Law Firm?

Kartal Law Firm services include: execution and follow-up of the case files, insurance (marine insurance, aviation insurance, financial insurance), aviation law, banking and financial law, and other services.

Kartal Law Firm's Insurance Law

Within the scope of insurance policies, airline companies are one of the services they offer in order to claim your rights against your property before your flight. During the flight and / or after the completion of your flight for any loss of property in your claim for compensation in the framework of the law helps you. In addition to this loss of goods you are living in order to coordinate compensation payments Eagle Law Firm is fighting with you.

Kartal Law Firm Aviation Law

In cases of accidents, even in case of events that do not even come to mind and other problems, the Kartal Law Firm provides legal advice. When you want to rent a plane for your trip, you are advising on the preparation and execution of your contract. Kartal Law Firm provides a variety of supporting services in order to provide advice and advice on the operation bases for the establishment of local institutions.

Kartal Law Firm Banking and Finance Law

In the preparation of loan agreements, financial, mortgage and collateral documents, Kartal Law Firm provides banking and finance law services to facilitate your life. It provides support in retrieving and resolving distressed loans and in getting back the planes and ships in response to the initiation and / or maintenance of transactions such as debt collection.

Eagle Law Firm Contested Decision Service

Eagle your behalf as a plaintiff or defendant law firm in Turkey in any case represent you in the best way. Eagle Law Firm of the person or organization in Turkey with your help to ensure your outstanding debt.

The Laws of Kartal Law Firm

Kartal Law Firm is a law firm that pioneers reconciliation cases and claims. Kartal Law Firm has looked at numerous cases so far and has enabled its customers to get their rights. Some of these; Turkish Airlines lost its life and property loss in B737 crash in Van in 1994, Turkish Airlines B737 accident in Adana in 1998, Spanair MD80 crash in Madrid Barajas Airport in 2005 and Ankara Esenboğa Airport in 2005 It is a company that has followed closely the domestic and international passenger terminal with a large fire and material and spiritual processes.

In 2006, there were financial losses as a result of a large fire in the international cargo depot at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. In 2007, Isparta is in MD80 plane crash in the Atlantic, Perm in 2008, the Aeroflot B737 plane crash near the Russian Federation, the Air France A330 crash in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, 2009 in Cappadocia (Turkey) appeared again in hot air balloon accident the loss of life and property occurred.

In 2017, the cargo airplanes were banned due to the problems caused by flight delays in My Cargo B747F near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and in the meantime, such as cargo cargoes and the rights of defendants to take care of themselves personally. He is interested in many more cases and events. Airplanes damaged by landing gear, collisions between airplanes and ground vehicles, aircraft hydraulic system failures, etc. is interested in various events such as a company.

Manufacturers, general aviation, ground handling services, airport and air navigation service operators etc. There are services like. In addition, other issues related to intellectual property, off-set and technology transfer contracts for military vehicles are also interested in services such as the regulatory and commercial aspects of helicopter services for transport of personnel, equipment and materials between coastal bases and offshore oil platforms, collection of airport and route fees. . Enforcement and litigation services provide services for clients such as ground services vehicles and demands arising from collisions between business aircraft.

Lenders and Renters

Aircraft mortgages, re cancellation, deregistration and export - the seizure of a business jet held by the owner in a foreign country in Turkey and sent back to the plane debt defaults, commercial aircraft optionel and hire as finance, aircraft in all conditions, such as the implementation of secure and proprietary interests is a company with its customers.

Sea Freight, Sea Cargo Insurance and Finance

The UN World Food Program, which is illegally transported by the owner of the 23,000 tons of wheat back to the forcible and illegally found in the ship and starving to die is a company that pioneered the lives of the passengers.

The closure of ship loan transactions, documents, due diligence, mortgage records, re-disclosure of foreign banks, yachts and various types of ships in the application of ship mortgages and public auctions are subject to all cargo types, claims arising from the damages of all types of transportation, and the claims of compensation from the banker's blankets bond policies. the provision of consultancy to financial lines.

Kartal Law Firm Contact

By filling out the simple form on the main page of the site, you can make contact with the expert staff or visit the company in Levent-Istanbul and have the opportunity to discuss your case and draw the most suitable route with its expert team. You can request a call back by logging in to the main page of the site or by contacting +90 212 293 23 23. Aviation, maritime, finance and insurance in the areas of the competent Royal Aviation Association member lawyers guarantee that you will not be able to solve the company is a company.

The motto of Kartal Law Firm is ın We love this line of work and we want to do it for you sl and it is the only law firm that provides quality services with its expert authorized employees who are always on the right side and pursue it until the end of the case.

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